Dusty Quinn

9/14/1980 - 2/4/2008
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Dustin Quinn passed away on February 4, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Dusty was probably best known for his love of family, friendship, and the natural world; his help with hundreds of clients at Aspen Achievement Academy; his ability to listen and empathize with others; his simple and peaceful way of living; and his enduring questioning of societal and cultural norms in his quest for Truth.  To this end, Dusty was very well-read and was an aspiring author with at least 20 short stories written.  Perhaps plenty more of his written work will go unknown.  Dusty traveled all over the United States and Mexico in search of answers to his philosophical questions.  Along the way, he influenced and changed the lives of many people he encountered.  Most recently, he was attending college in Minneapolis in pursuit of his dream of becoming a writer.  He will be missed by many.

Dusty's remains were cremated in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  On February 16th, Dusty's ashes were released to the wilderness he loved in a ceremony near Teasdale, Utah.  Dusty spent many years working, living, and loving in the Teasdale area.  It was very fitting for him to rest there.  The ceremony was attended by family members and many friends on a beautiful Colorado Plateau day.  Dusty's ashes were spread among towering red rock formations against the backdrop of a crystal blue sky following prayers, songs, and shared memories and condolences.

October 7, 2009 Update:
Through a frustrating mistake made by the web hosting company, the counter for Dusty's site was reset back to zero. Just prior to the reset, the count was well over 3,000 hits; a testament to how many people still think about Dusty and visit these pages.

March 13, 2010 Update:
Dusty's friendships were not only large in love and sincerity but also in large in terms of the vast expanses of geography separating one from another.  Even two years after his death, we are still being contacted by friends who are just learning the news and want to express their sorrow. 

We've added a guestbook so family and friends can add their thoughts.  Although he's been gone for two years now, we miss him no less and love him even more.

If you know of any of Dusty's friends who may not be aware of his passing, please share this website with him or her.   We would also be grateful for any pictures, stories or kind words you would like to share with us, Dusty's friends and family.  It's through our shared memories and conversations that Dusty's amazing spirit is still vibrant and present.

We are grateful to those who have come forward with stories of how Dusty touched their lives.  If you have anything you wish to share with his friends and family, please do so.  Contacts are:

Tom Quinn (Dusty's Dad)          Char Butler (Dusty's Mom)              Andrew Quinn (Brother)
7419 South Jackson Avenue    6420 Amundson Road                   
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74132            North Richland Hills, TX 76182      simplequinn@gmail.com
Cell # 918-605-9456                 Phone: 817-485-9815
email: 742sell@gmail.com       email: char99@swbell.net 

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