Dusty Quinn

9/14/1980 - 2/4/2008
Teasdale Ceremony
The Teasdale ceremony was attended by several family members and friends on a beautiful Colorado Plateau day.  Dusty's ashes were spread among towering red rock formations against the backdrop of a crystal blue sky following prayers, songs, and shared memories and condolences.  Pam Dupuy took several excellent photos of the ceremony and the days surrounding it.  You can see them all here.

It was a crisp, clear day; the kind you witness only in very special parts of the world.  The ever-present wind snaked around our ankles, nipped at our cheeks and whipped our hair into a frenzy.  As we quietly ascended from the road to Lion's Head, our faces grew flushed from the effort of the climb and from the biting wind. As we passed through towering native stone to arrive at the clearing, the pungent scent of burning sage danced in the air and we felt its cleansing power as we gathered to say our final goodbyes to our beloved Dusty.  Songs were sung and prayers were lifted to the heavens as each of the celebrants honored Dusty in his or her own way. 

As notes from the final drumbeat floated away, Guy began his ascent up the towering rock formation, gently cradling Dusty's ashes in their gleaming black box.  As he reached the summit, everything grew eerily quiet.  We tried to discern what had happened, because something had definitely changed in a very visceral, physical way.  We suddenly realized that it was the wind;  it had completely stopped blowing.  Even the smoke from the burning sage suddenly hung in the air; its transport mysteriously gone. 

Standing atop the rough, reddish stone rise, Guy raised the black box to the crystal blue sky, offering up the final physical remains of Dustin Thomas Quinn, our son, brother and friend.  As Guy lifted the top from the container, the scent of burning sage suddenly raced toward the skies; our cheeks once again felt the sting of Utah's February winds.  They knew Dusty was there and had waited to carry him home.  Dusty's ashes began dancing upon the air currents, knowingly floating to the familiar heaven and earth of Lion's Head.  He knew where he was going; it was his favorite place in this world.  I know that his soul is in his favorite place in the next world.
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